Ioannina / ΙΩΑΝΝΙΝΑ from 30 €

Ioannina or Giannena is the capital of the county of Ioannina and Epirus. Lake Pambotida is nearby the city. Worth mentioning is the island of the lake (Ioannina Island), which is a small settlement with various monuments and attractions, such as the final resting place of Ali Pasha. There also 6 monasteries in the area as the oldest of Saint Nikolaos (11th century), Saint Nikolas Spanos (1292 A.C.), Sain John (1851 A.C.)  and others. Three kilometers from the city of Ioannina is the Ioannina Perama Cave, about 830 meters in length and 14.400 square meters expanse.  The cave was discovered by the city residents who tried to find refuge from the bombing of Italian airplanes in 1940. 50 Km North of Ioannina is the picturesque Konitsa and the river Aoos. The sanctuary of Dodoni was a major spiritual place in ancient Greece. It was the oldest of the Greek oracles and ancient people traveled great distances in order to consult the priests who foretold the future. Outside the temple of Zeus the priests gathered under the sacred Oak tree and listened to the sound of the leaves as they shivered in the breeze and glimpsed at the future. People from the entire known world would make the pilgrimage in ancient times in order to consult the future-telling Oak tree and to attend cultural festivals that took place regularly at Dodoni.


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